About Maya 

As an empath and Crystal Child, Maya has always been interested in spirituality from an early age. Born in South America, and raised in Europe, Maya is familier with different kinds of cultures and people. Also during her trips to an Ashram in India over a period of 15 years, has increased her knowledge of people from over the whole world.

Maya has a background in Dutch Law and spent many years practicing and teaching yoga classes, however her life purpose as a healer and teacher came to her when she began working with the Angelic Realm. This is when her life really began to change in miraculous ways. Following the guidance of the Angels, she began a life more in tune with her life purpose. Maya wishes to share her experiences with all who resonate with her work and are guided to learn from her.

Maya B. Karansingh: Master of Laws (LL.M.) Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam – www.eur.nl | International Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT200) Arhanta Yoga – www.arhantayoga.nl | Energetic Reader | Medical Qi Gong Healer | Medical Qi Gong Practitioner 1-2-3 Academ – www.academ.nl | Life Coach NHA – www.nha.nl | Aquarius Angels® Healer | Aquarius Angels® Trainer | Aquarius Akasha® Reader & Healer| Reiki-1 Healer Angelo Engelencursus – www.engelencursus.nl | Dragon Reconnection Attunement | Dragon Healing Attunement | Dragon Golden Fire Attunement | Unicorn Attunement Crystal Webshop – www.crystalwebshop.nl | Aromatouch™ Technique Practitioner Essentiële Olie Academie – www.eoac.nl | Dru Meditation Teacher  Dru Yogawww.druyoga.nl | Dru Yoga Teacher in training Dru Yogawww.druyoga.nl | Certified Archangel Life Coach | Certified Spiritual Teacher in training Charles Virtue – www.charlesvirtue.com | Certified Crystal Child Coach Peroshini Naidoo – www.peroshini.com | Certified Angel Practitioner in trainingCharles Virtue & Peroshini Naidoo – www.charlesvirtue.com, www.peroshini.com | Digital Artist Maya Kaur Love – www.instagram.com/shivohamhealinghouseoflove